Thursday, January 24, 2013

Baby Gender Reveal

I've heard of several fun ways to host these parties but here's the one I like the best:

When you have your ultra-sound and the tech can tell for sure the gender of the baby, be sure to tell him or her not to tell you, but to write it down and seal it in an envelope.  Take that envelope to the local bakery (or give it to a trusted friend) and have your cake baked in either pink or blue and then frosted in a way that completely hides every trace of the color of the cake.  As your guests arrive have them take sides by wearing either "boy" or "girl" buttons or stickers and then at the appointed time, the parents-to-be cut the cake to reveal the gender of the baby!  Not only do all the guests learn at the same time, but so do the new parents and I think sharing that news together, is just beyond wonderful.  Check out these fun selections for custom baby gender reveal shower invitations - and be sure to see even more at the zazzle marketplace:
Gender Reveal Party Invitation Baseball Sports
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Gender Reveal Party Invitations
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  1. Hey!! Loved your idea to host gender reveal party. These invitation ideas are fantastic. Want to host my niece’s baby shower at one of amazing San Francisco event venues and would love to select a wonderful invitation card for party.